Mr Hairy Navel Escape Games


The Hospice of Evil is a Virtual Reality Escape Room horror set in a defunct psychiatric hospital.
A group of patients gets trapped in this facility, unaware of the horrific past that prompted its closure. The urban legend has it that the hospital’s Head Physician experimented on and tortured his patients to learn what happens to us after we die.
What the legend doesn’t say, is that his cruelty paid off.
He accessed the Astral plane that exists in parallel to ours. But, failing to close the gateway in time, he allowed evil Astral beings to take over the hospital and himself.
Now it’s up to you and your friends to make a daring escape and banish otherworldly spirits from The Hospice of Evil.


  • Test your collective psyche:
  • Solve refined logic puzzles, talk and cooperate with your friends, under extreme pressure and a constant feeling of dread and try not to suffer a mental breakdown.
  • Follow the light:
    The only way to see your surroundings is with the flashlight strapped on your headband. The dynamic play of shadows will keep you on edge all the time!
  • Spin the wheels:
    Realistic locomotion system that delivers an experience of a wheelchair-bound person. Such artificial constraints greatly help to enhance the true horror experience.