Hero Zone VR

Hero Zone VR 35 Mins 2 Players Arena 3 x Games each 10 minutes long

Experience VR

Like Never Before

3 Games / 30 minutes / 2 Players – £30.00

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Hero Zone is packed with immersive fun for different tastes, age groups and skill levels.

Challenging yet accessible for first-timers with a focus on teamplay and replayability.

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Cyber Shock

A fast paced futuristic shooter

  • Genre Retro arcade shooter
  • Game Length 10 minutes
  • Players 2 players
  • Dynamic and action packed gameplay
  • Dodge, shoot, destroy!
  • Put your reflexes to the test
  • Go for the highest score!
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Dead Ahead

Do you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse?

  • Genre Zombie Shooter
  • Game Length 10 minutes
  • Players 2 players
  • Shooting zombies has never been this fun
  • Heart pounding action
  • Repair your barricades
  • Stay alive!


Can you bring peace to the fairy realm?

  • Genre Fantasy Archery
  • Game Length 10 minutes
  • Players 2 players
  • Family-Friendly archery game
  • A cooperative adventure
  • Destroy the attacking army
  • Immerse yourself in a fantasy world